Mihai Bravu commune is located in the central part of Tulcea County being bounded by the following communal territories: to the north and northwest the administrative territory of Mihail Kogălniceanu commune, to the east the territory of Sarichioi commune, to the south the administrative territory of Slava Cercheza commune, to the southeast the administrative territory of Babadag town, to the west the territory of Nalbant commune. The European road E87 and the county road DJ229 make the connection between the commune and the other localities in Tulcea County.
The commune is composed of: Mihai Bravu – commune residence, Satu Nou village and Turda village.
From a climatic point of view in Mihai Bravu commune is recorded the continental steppe climate, characterized by warm summers and mild winters. In the old maps and medieval documents we find it under the name of Camber, the first documentary attestation of this locality dating from the sixteenth century.
Mihai Bravu locality, the commune residence, is located not far from Taiţa River. In the old maps and medieval documents we find it under the name of Camber. The first documentary attestation of this locality dates back to the sixteenth century.
Satu Nou locality is located at the flow of the river Taiţa in the lake Topraichioi, being mentioned for the first time in the Fund of the Ottoman Tapu from 1864-1877. As the main occupations of the inhabitants from Satu Nou locality we can mention: agriculture and fishing.
Turda locality, situated on the right bank of the creek Taiţa and at the foot of Pietrosu hill, was at the beginning of the nineteenth century the residence of the commune. The first documentary attestation is found in the Ottoman Register from 1584, under the name of Armudlu.

Mihai Bravu – commune – Slavelor Plateau/ Taiţa river – porphyry and limestone exploitation. (01) Vezi Obiective