Anastasia floating pontoon: The team in charge of this pontoon wants to show the entire world the Danube, as it is: wild, mysterious, lively, quiet yet agitated. As an accommodation solution it represents the most picturesque way possible for accommodation in the Danube Delta, Anastasia floating hotels which can stay anchored at Uzlina or can take cruises on Sfantu Gheorghe arm. In the offer, the tourists can find opportunities to see every corner of the Delta, in any season, in any weather. The pontoon offers expeditions in distant places: Letea Forest Sahalin Island, the beach and the area of Perisor, The Field of Chilia, The Sand Bank Stipoc etc to boat rides or on foot in search of birds, wild animals (wildlife), flora, macrophotography topics (insects and flora), the villages of the Delta, the people of the Delta and unique landscapes.
Address:  Uzlina locality, County: Tulcea