Cristian Guesthouse: For those who want to compare the stories heard with the realities of the Danube Delta, Cristian guesthouse gladly awaits them, offering them ideal conditions for accommodation in Murghighiol, probably the best known and most picturesque place in the Delta. Located on the bank of the lake, the guesthouse offers the possibility to admire wonderful places.
The guesthouse is structured in Building A, which consists of two triple rooms – each equipped with private sanitary facility, TV, refrigerator, devices against mosquitoes; Building B, which consists of 5 double, spacious wooden cottages, each equipped with sanitary facility, TV, refrigerator, ventilator, devices against mosquitoes; Building C consists of 4 double rooms equipped with sanitary facility, TV, device against mosquitoes.
Close to famous attractions, as the Danube Delta itself, Halmyris Fortress or The Tunnel Cave, this wonderful location also offers free services such as the access to the internet, to the parking space or to the spacious terrace.


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